Our Story

Every business has a story, and every story has a beginning. Here is a little bit about our story and what inspired the Heriyan Candle Studio. Like many creative endeavours, Heriyan Candle began as a simple idea that evolved over time with lots of bumps along the way - some funny, others painful, all part of an unfolding journey.

How it was Started!!

I Am Neha Polara, Founder of Heriyan Candle Studio.

During the first lockdown I wanted to buy a candle. However, I noticed that I had so many used candle glasses. I didn’t want to throw them out, so I thought to myself “Why aren’t there candles that I can use after I’ve finished burning them?”

This is when I started doing some research into it, making candles started as a joyful hobby and stress reliever. I needed a creative outlet, and candle making provided me with hours and hours of fun. I totally enjoyed experimenting with different scents. After extensive experimenting and testing, I decided to leave my 9 to 5 job as Export manager in a Private firm and started Heriyan Candle Studio. Heriyan Candles Studio is a family business (My Inspirations) based in the Surat, Gujarat and drawing inspiration from nature and our beautiful surroundings.

It is important to me that the business is honest and doing everything it can be climate positive whilst maintaining the highest product quality.

What are in Heriyan Candles?

Heriyan candles are made with 100% Pure Soy wax, Cotton or Wooden Wick and premium fragrance oils. That’s it! I never add any colours, dyes or other additives.

During the early stages, I did a lot of research on the types of candle wax and candle additives. I decided to use soy wax as a more environmentally friendly and cleaner option than the petroleum-based paraffin candles that make up most of the candle market.

I also opted to use premium fragrance oils specifically made for candles. Many of these fragrance oils are infused with essential oils. Using fragrance oils specifically designed for candles makes for a safer candle.

Our Process

Our candles are always hand-poured in small batches, which helps ensure attention to detail and the highest quality candles. Candles are then cured. Curing candles helps create a better aromatic experience. The curing maximizes the candle’s scent.

We are capable to produce any bulk customized requirement in shortest span of time.

So thank you for supporting us in this journey especially as it is for many women who could earn decent living from here. Your support is the biggest blessing for us.

Looking forward for the year ahead with your best wishes and blessings.

Bringing a little Indian cosiness into your home!